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GloDoc - 24/7 GP service for all GloHealth Members

GloDoc is GloHealth’s GP service that gives access to a doctor anytime day or night. With GloDoc you, as a member, have unlimited access to a GP over the phone 24/7 and through online face-to-face consultations from 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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As a GloHealth member, you can access GloDoc’s phone service by calling 1890 100 049.  If you are abroad and need to access GloDoc, please call +44 203 554 0482.  

Who answers the phone?
Your call will be answered by a specially trained operator. They will take some details from you and arrange for a GP to call you back at a time that suits you.

What sort of things can I ask about?
•    Any healthcare issue that you feel requires a doctor.
•    Vaccinations you may need when you’re travelling abroad. 
•    Health precautions relevant to your own personal medical history and much more.

Will I still need to see a GP?
GloDoc provides an invaluable diagnosis, reassurance and advice service which often prevents an unnecessary trip to a GP.  The doctor can help with most questions you may want to ask, but if you have symptoms which require a physical examination or a referral, you may have to see your own GP.

How often can I call?
There is no limit to the number of times you can use the GloDoc service.

Are there any limitations?
If you are, or may be, pregnant you will not be able to use the service, irrespective of the reason for your call. It is best to contact your own GP or midwifery services.

Can GloDoc issue a prescription?
If the consulting GP thinks that a prescription is necesssary they can arrange to have one faxed to your local pharmacy. Prescriptions can be faxed during the working day (8am - 6pm) Monday to Friday and until 4.40pm on a Saturday. Outside of these hours, your prescription will be faxed the next working day. 

Can GloDoc issue a sick cert?
GloDoc cannot provide sick certs and we would advise members to go to their own GP to get a sick cert. 

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